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We teach from zero to B2 and C1

Come and learn if you want to know the language perfectly, are new to Spain or are coming on a student visa.

We use our own methodology

We know how difficult it is to learn a new language in a classical lesson format: with a dictionary, grammar rules and homework. We have our own method – Freeda Space Method. It helps students to quickly immerse themselves in the language environment and immediately put their knowledge into practice: in work.

Freeda Space Method means up to 20 hours of lessons with native-speaking teachers every week, teaching in small groups of up to 10 people and lots of practice in a relaxed atmosphere: on excursions, holidays and trips together. After the first lesson, students already know how to address a stranger, order a café con leche at the bar and thank them for their help.

More about Freeda Space Method

Join us if you want to come or stay in Spain on a student visa

Our Super Intensive Spanish course qualifies you for a student visa. You will study 20 hours a week (grammar, general course and conversation) and can even work officially as an intern or applying for additional work permit. We provide you with a package of documents that will be required by the consulate: a study contract, an official admission letter, a course program and an invoice.

We provide knowledge that will help you settle in and live in the country

  • Dealing with the formalities of registration, opening a bank account and obtaining a student ID
  • Find a job in Spain if you decide to stay in the country for a long time
  • Communicate on everyday topics in cafes, shops and public transport
  • Take the exam to prepare for DELE with a group for 10 hours a week or study individually
  • Deal with the hassle of making a doctor’s appointment, going to the police or asking a stranger for help
  • Improve your language level and develop your Spanish from basic Spanish to B2-C2, learn Catalan or improve your English

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I’ve been studying at FreeDa since my first week in Barcelona. After a year and a half, my Spanish level improved from barely speaking a whole sentence to completing C1 level. The school has become my second home in the meantime. The atmosphere is fantastic. All the teachers and students are open minded and supportive. They rotate teachers every few months, so I got the chance to get used to different styles and accents. The super intensive course covers a good mix of grammar, different topics, and conversations. The price is very competitive and classes are small. Highly recommended if you are serious to improve your Spanish.


I’m having a fantastic experience at Freeda! As a language school owner myself I see how much energy, passion and love owners, administration and teachers devote to this school. The teachers are knowledgeable and passionate. The curriculum is well-structured, allowing me to make significant progress in a short amount of time. The school provides a supportive and immersive environment that helped me develop fluency and cultural understanding. I highly recommend Freeda school to anyone looking to learn Spanish effectively!



Initially, I chose to study at this school and the course for 1 year, because I liked the support that I received at the stage of processing all the documents for a study visa, thanks to the competent staff, everything turned out to be simple and easy. Then, I want to note the teachers of this school, they are professionals in their field, in particular I want to single out two with whom I was lucky to study for a long time – Ivan, and the other Ivan 😀. They helped me to speak Spanish from scratch without memorization and in a friendly atmosphere. I recommend this school, if you want to speak Spanish, you are definitely in FreeDa.