Super Intensive Spanish Course

The most complete and intensive training programme for any level, from A1 to C2.

With 4 hours of class per day from Monday to Friday, you can learn Spanish quickly from scratch in just a few months.

Students study 2 hours of general Spanish from the course book, one hour of grammar and one hour of conversation practice. Classes are taught by professional native teachers.

We strive to help students get up to speed with the language and immediately use their skills in everyday life, so the instructor communicates with the group from the first class in Spanish only. This is challenging at first, but shows impressive results later on. As conversational practice, the students solve communicative situations covering everything from news to upcoming school events.

Once a month, the teacher prepares a special activity outside school to practise what they have learned so far. Pupils may go on a picnic in a park, visit a nearby market, go to a cultural centre or walk around the city’s iconic neighbourhoods. These outings help them to get to know the local culture and, with it, to understand the nuances of the language.

In addition, once a month, the school organises general activities for all students, where they also practise speaking.


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