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How come we are so lucky to have Ricardo Rey Rodríguez with us!!! He has revealed it all!

Check how to use SER and ESTAR with BIEN/MAL, BUENO/MALO in a right way. Ricardo we 🔥 you!

SER y ESTAR con los adverbios y adjetivos BIEN/MAL y BUENO/MALO. ¡Ricardo, eres lo más!


Ser bien – never use it! its wrong!!!

Ser mal – never use it! Its wrong!!!

Ser bueno ( with people) – to be a good person, to be kind

Ser malo (con personas)-to be a bad person

Ser bueno (with things) – to have a good quality

Ser malo (with things) – to have a bad quality

ESTAR Estar bien (with people) – to have a good day

Estar mal (with people) – to have a bad day, to be sad

Estar bien ( with things) – correct, appropriate

Estar mal (with things) – incorrect, inappropriate

Estar bueno (with people) – to be hot, sexy

Estar malo (with people) – to be ill

Estar bueno ( with food) – delicious, tasty

Estar malo ( with food ) – not to taste good, to be expired