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Our story

Everything has a beginning and, much like the most famous stories, it begins around a table. Olga Z. was at the point of registering for a Masters’ degree in law and Olga G. was finishing her Masters’ degree in Spanish teaching. As always, after class, we would go for a coffee together, to laugh, to talk about projects- in short, to be friends. And great friends we are- because after 8 years together at this point, it was as if it was the first day. We went for a lot of these coffees and, during some of them, we shared our idea to create a different type of school and to bring together the two cultures that we loved so much, Spanish and Russian, that formed a part of us and that no school really achieved for us. You couldn’t imagine the fear and doubts that haunted us- we were screwed! However, we were so confident in our project it was like an easy puzzle for us. We received a lot of help from our friends, and formed our first school: Matrioshka. Incredibly, from the first day students signed up to learn Russian and Spanish. We had already achieved our goal- we were
thrilled! The project grew little by little over time and we spent 4 years teaching Russian and Spanish.
We worked tirelessly day and night and our team began to grow with the professionals you see with us now. Of course, we had already made it, but we wanted to do more. So we aspired to nurture the growth of our school. In 2017 we gave our school a facelift and changed the name to FreeDa, which combined the words Freedom and Да (yes) to mimic the name Frida. The reason was to make the space more multicultural (we were already known a little by Spanish and Russian students), and we were helped by former students who had become members of the team. We also were approved for the Cervantes Institute accreditation the same year. We continue to grow with all the people around us.

The students’ increasing trust in us inspired us to return the favour and so we developed an educational method tailored to their needs, that worked and gave them all they needed. We have been working very hard since that year, studying our students and their needs, studying different manuals and methods. And that is how, working hard with our team, we managed to develop our FreeDa Space Method™, of which we are so proud. It seems as though all these changes have worked out well, because in 2019 we had to open a second school in order to meet the requests you yourselves made to us. This new challenge united us even more and we are excited to be able to offer you a project that we have been working on for so many years, which we love so much and which has grown so much. We want you to enjoy it with us!

And don’t for a moment think that we will stop there! We will continue to work for you and, for your part, you can be more confident with us every day. That is why we have new challenges that we wat to complete together, like always, as friends, with our team, and of
course with our students. We want to keep growing and for us the most important thing is to build our community of partners, since it would give you many more facilities and benefits. We are painstakingly improving the system and services we offer to partner with universities and other language schools in Andalusia and other parts of Spain, as well as at least three schools in other EU countries. All this without leaving aside the internal development and the innovation and updating of our FreeDa Space Method ™, among other things.

However, we never tire of stating our gratitude to our team and our students, who make us a little better each day.

With all of our love,
Olga and Olga