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Dear Friends! So good to be back!

We have some news to share:

1. We’ve reopened our schools and can’t wait to meet you!
2. We’ve taken all the necessary measures to ensure your safety.

Drop us an email [email protected] or call us +34 623 443 765 for more information.

We can’t wait to see you again!

Stay safe and well,

Your FreeDa Team

What is Freeda?


FreeDa Language Space is more than just a language school. It’s an experience.

Founded in Barcelona in 2013, FreeDa Language Space emerged from a mutual dream of two people with a passion for language, who wanted to share Spanish culture with others from all over the world.

This passion and dedication has become a foundation of the FreeDa teaching method. We believe learning languages should be fun. That’s why we’ve created a relaxed, friendly environment where students are free to be curious, to become inspired and to immerse themselves in an exceptional learning experience.

What’s more, FreeDa is constantly evolving. We now offer a variety of language courses for our students and are always looking to expand our talented academic team. We’re also flexible – students can learn at their own pace, choosing the course intensity and timetable that suits them best.

Why FreeDa?

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