O que nossos estudantes pensam de nós?

Totally satisfied. Light rooms, pleasant environment and small classes of ~6 students. They helped me a lot to get my Spanish from stumbling a few words to chatting with neighbors and doing job interviews without problems after 2,5 months of intensive training. The employees were always happy to help, even with typical immigrant problems like paperwork questions.

Matthias Lippmann

Freeda language space is school where learning a language is easy and fun, because of the great friendly staff, the most amazing, selfless, and dedicated professors that make the learning process very worthwhile.

Adam Kawosha

¡El mejor lugar si quieres aprender español! Todos los profesores son hablantes nativos e incluso si recién estás comenzando, mastican absolutamente todo, ¡desde la pronunciación hasta la gramática y la cultura del país!
¡Me alegro de haber elegido esta escuela! ¡Ahora hablo español con fluidez y entiendo perfectamente a los lugareños!
Anna Khuasainova

For one year I’ve learned Spanish from completely zero to B2 (like upper intermediate in English). This school also gives things that can’t be measured — new friends, fun, many events and great opportunity to live in an amazing city. Separately I would feature the teachers team — young, passionate and professional, making every lesson interesting, engaging and cool.

Elizaveta Ishchenko

Училась в этой школе 3 года! Лучшие!!! Очень много разных мероприятий , прогулки по Барселоне , праздники в школе и тд . Очень приятная атмосфера , лучшие преподаватели – к каждому найдут свой подход , объясняют очень доходчиво! Довольна на все 10000%!

Hanna Rozum

I had a great experience with Freeda Language School! I studied Spanish at the school for about a year and a half. The teachers and classes were engaging, and they helped me get my Spanish to the next level. The school is a great combination of students and teachers from all around the world. While I was learning Spanish, I learned about all other cultures and people too! THE SUPPORT STAFF WAS INCREDIBLY HELPFUL, responsive and knowledgeable throughout the entire term. They helped me with the paperwork and requirements to get to Barcelona, and whenever I had any questions or concerns, they were always there. The location is great, in downtown Barcelona. They do some great excursion to events all over the city. I really can’t recommend this school more for people that want to learn!

Harry Edelman