Foreigners’ identity card and NIE

Along with the visa you received a legal number (NIE). This number is assigned to you to carry out legal activities on the territory of Spain and will not change due to expansion or residency modification.  Now you need to get a foreigners identity card (TIE).

In order to apply for a card you will need:

  • Confirmation of the appointment (cita previa);
  • TIE application form (EX-17), download it here: Formulario_TIE
  • Find out how to feel in an application form for TIE
  • Original passport and photocopy of it’s main page along with visa photocopy
  • 1 photo 32×26 in colour with white background. A photo for visa is not valid
  • Government fee (€16,08), which you should pay in cash at any bank. Find it here: Tasa790_012. Fill it in and print it out
  • El padrón a registration in Barcelona or around.
  • Certificate on course registration

In order to submit these documents, you need to book an appointment (CITA PREVIA).

Select the office: “Cualquier oficina
In the next line select “POLICIA – TOMA DE HUELLA (Expedición de tarjeta)” and click “Aceptar”. On the following page click “Entrar”, fill in the form and click “Aceptar”.
Select a day and time suitable for you and click “Imprimir”.
Download and print out an appointment.

This fingerprinting process will need to be repeated every time you renew the visa or residence.