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At FreeDa Language Space, we pride ourselves on being a little different to other language schools in Barcelona, as we specialise in teaching students from all over the world! We will help you learn a new language from a choice of Spanish or Catalan, and what’s more, we’ll help you to get a student visa to live in Barcelona! We have many years of experience in this area which we’re keen to share with you!

If you’re a resident in a country outside the EU and plan to come to live in Barcelona as a student, the first thing you’ll need to do is to apply for a Spanish student visa. Now, this can be a very time consuming and complex process if you’ve never done it before, which we’re willing to bet you haven’t! Don’t worry, we’ll help you to navigate this process every step of the way in order to make your dream of living in Barcelona and learning a new language a reality.

There are basically four separate categories of visa requirements that non-EU citizens wishing to live and study in Barcelona should know about:

Category C is a Tourist visa and as such it requires the least documentation; however a Category C visa will only allow you to live in Barcelona for a maximum of 90 days, and this may not be sufficient time for you to study the right language course to suit you.

A basic Category D student visa is pretty easy to obtain and lets you stay and study in Barcelona for between 90-180 days. This suits many of our students, as you won’t be required to provide medical certificates or proof of no criminal record. However, you’ll still have to leave the country within the 180 days period for which the visa is valid.

Category D student visas that allow students to live in Barcelona for between 180 days to a year require a little more documentation and students will need to go through a few more hoops in order to obtain this: For example, you’ll be required to apply for this extended visa through the Spanish consulate in your home country or directly in Spain.

The fourth method of obtaining a visa to live and study in Barcelona is through the Au Pair program. That suits many 18-30 years old students attending FreeDa Language Space, and has the added benefit that your host family will usually pay for your language course as well.

When deciding the right course for you, and the likely duration of your stay in Barcelona, we strongly recommend that you go to the VISA section of our website, which explains the process and documentation you’ll require in much fuller detail than the basic outline that’s described above. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll be delighted to talk you through your options!