Visa renewal

Amazing news! The procidure of NIE card renewal is quite straight-forward and much simpler than applying for student visa for the first time. Furthermore you don’t need to return to your country of residence, since the whole process is done on the territory of Spain.
Your main prerequisites for student visa renewal are the following:

 Accredited documentation that states you have completed the previous course
 Certified copy of your enrolment application with a number of credits equal or exceeding previous studies
 An account in the Spanish bank stating economic means for the period of the whole stay

You can launch the process three months before your NIE card is due. It is better to submit documents for the card renewal before it is due, however after it expires, you have 90 days to apply for a new card.
Nevertheless, if you submit your documents after this period, you may get fined or refused in renewal.
Let’s elaborate on the steps you need to take to proceed with the renewal:

 1. Fill in an application form EX-00.
 2. Take your passport, photocopy of a main page and a page with your student visa, along with NIE card and it's photocopy, front and back.
3. Fill in, print out and pay a residence tax 790 (052).  You can pay it in any Spanish bank in cash.
 4. Prolong you medical insurance policy for the period iqual to your studies.

 5. Ask for a certified last year's transcript (certificado de aprovechamiento) at your academic center. This document is issued if your performance and attendance has been satisfactory.
 6. Get a receipt of payment and enrolment certificate of the new academic year (Matricula)
 7. Order a certificate in your Spanish bank that proves that you have sufficient means to stay for the whole period of your studies. The mimimum funds required is approximatly 550 euros a month. Multiply it on a number of months you are to stay and you will come up with a required sum. You can order a certificate online or get it in the branch.

 8. If you have changed your residence (empadronamiento), you must present the updated certificate of registration.

To submit these documents you don't need an appointment in the police. If you still need any clarifications, you are very welcome to adress them to us.