Spanish course from A1 to C2

For those who would like to get a course for a student visa, we offer 30% discount along with open dates of the course.

Please, note that this promotion expires on April, 15th.


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Intensive Spanish Course

10  hours a week

This course is one of the fastest and most productive ways to learn language.Two classes of Spanish everyday will lead to desired results  within short time. Language exchange, sport activities and excursions organised by school will get you deep down into speech practice. 


10:10 — 12:00 – Monday to Friday

13:30 — 15:20 – Monday to Friday

(all times are subject to change)


A1 to C2

  • Level A1, Beginner  – 60 hours (6-8 weeks)
  • Level A2, Elementary – 120 hours (12 weeks)
  • Level B1, Intermediate – 180 hours (18 weeks)
  • Level B2, Upper Intermediate – 180 hours (18 weeks)
  • Level C1, Advanced – 180 hours (18 weeks)
  • Level C2, Proficiency – 180 hours (18 weeks)

Class size: 5 - 8 students per class

Academic hour duration: 55 minutes

Price: Please visit our price page

Please, contact the school to figure timetable appropriate for your lifestyle and command of language.