Dear friends,

We understand that uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus may have caused you to change your studying plans.

For those who would like to join the course right away we are happy to announce that you can join an online course with a 30% discount off any course you pick.

Please, note that this promotion expires on April, 15th.

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Extensive Spanish Course

5 hours a week

If you want to juggle study and work, or just want to dedicate more time to wander around cosy streets of Barcelona, this timetable is just right for you. The course takes place 5 times a week (1 hour a day).

Placement test will determine your level of Spanish and figure which group suites you the best.  Overcome you fear and go for it!

We will do our best to help you out!



09:10 — 10:00 — from monday to friday

15:30 — 16:20 — from monday to friday

Conversation and Vocabulary

12:10 — 13:00 — from monday to friday

(all times are subject to change)


A1 to C2

  • Level A1, Beginner  – 60 hours 
  • Level A2, Elementary – 120 hours 
  • Level B1, Intermediate – 180 hours 
  • Level B2, Upper Intermediate – 180 hours 
  • Level C1, Advanced – 180 hours 
  • Level C2, Proficiency – 180 hours 

Class size: 5 - 8 students per class

Academic hour duration: 50 minutes

Price: Please visit our price page

Please, contact the school to figure timetable appropriate for your lifestyle and command of language.