Russian courses

Basic Russian language course

Special programs to study Russian allow to gradually grasp the basics of grammar and speaking. Every student has to take a placement test in order to determine the level of language knowledge.

Individual classes

Classes are held on a one-on-one basis with an experienced teacher, who develops the course adapted to individual needs and personal schedule of a student.  The intensity varies upon the request.

Intensive Russian language course

This program provides students with a two to four hour daily training 5 times per week and allows to master the basics of Russian in a shorter time. This course is accompanied by a variety of additional meet-ups and events. It also enables intensive communication with native Russian speakers so that understanding of the language principles will be easier and faster.

Speaking Practice

To improve students’ speaking skills, we hold special language exchange meet-ups with native Russian speakers every week. This is a pleasant way to overcome a language barrier, to make new friends and to increase your speaking level.

The course of business language (or the legal course)

This course is suitable for those who understand the importance of international communications and intend to establish partnership with Russian speaking countries. The program helps students to master business vocabulary, legal terms and open new horizons for their business. To apply for this course, your proficiency level shall be at least B2.

Preparation for international exams in Russian language

We offer special programs to prepare students who would like to take the international exam in determining the level of command of Russian language “TRKI” (Test in Russian language as a foreign language). Testing is carried out on 6 levels from A1 to C2. Matrioshka is the official representative of the St. Petersburg State University and issues an official certificate of the established sample.

This certificate is the only evidence of the level of command of Russian language.

Russian culture and traditions

This course is ideal for those who want a comprehensive approach to studying Russian.

The course conveys not only language related activities but also a deep dive into Russian culture, traditions and history. Theme events and workshops spice up a learning process, making it complete and interesting. 

Integrated lessons will help you to find the key to unlock the mystery of Russian soul and speak the language the best way possible.