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Business Language English (or legal course)

6 hours a week

English is definitely a language of business. All the international exhibitions, forums, workshops and sessions are done in English. English is used in business environment almost anywhere on the planet. Therefore, knowledge of English becomes an invaluable asset to take your business to a new level. It offers more opportunities for doing business and establishing international business links.

This course helps you to gain the necessary vocabulary for negotiations and business meetings in English, also helps to improve communication skills in the professional field and bilingual translation skills. As a prerequisite to this course, students need to have a command in the language of at least Intermediate level.


09.00 to 19.00 – Monday to Friday

(all times are subject to change )


B1 to C2

Class size: 4 - 5 students per class

Class duration: 110 minutes

Price: Please visit our price page

Please, contact the school to figure timetable appropriate for your lifestyle and command of language.