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Catalan beginner course

Everyday from 3pm to 6pm, start on 10th of January

Catalan courses

If you have noticed that locals look askance at you while you speak Spanish, it is high time to start learning Catalan. Barcelona is a capital of Catalonia and speaking Catalan you will integrate into the social environment the fastest way possible.

Catalan is recognized as an official language of the Catalonia region, and  it is also official language of education, and mass media

So if you feel like staying in Barcelona or around, don’t hesitate to learn some Catalan.

The general course of the Catalan language

We take into account the knowledge you have and find you an appropriate group for your exciting trip into Catalan world.

Training takes place under the supervision of a native Catalan teacher and allows to grasp Grammar and speaking basics in a fast and efficient way.

And of course, the capital of Catalonia offers all the potentials for a quick and thorough learning experience. Therefore, results are prompt and unforced.

The course of intensive Catalan language

If you want to go hard on Catalan, this intensive course is just right for you. Everyday training embraces 2 or 4 hours with loads of out of class tasks to be prepared.

Given that Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, you won’t have problems to put theory into practice right away. The intensive course helps to master the language in the shortest possible time, and greatly simplifies integration into the Catalan/Spanish society.

Preparation for the interview

Interview in Catalan is an essential part of most administrative procedures which you will have to experience, if you live, study or work in Barcelona. 

FreeDa provides a preparation of students for an upcoming interview at any organisations for any related issue.